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Corcoran should be the best of both a rural small town, and a town with great amenities in a thriving area with access to a strong, regional city.  That means saying no to mediocre opportunities and easy paths and looking for ways to bring out the best of both worlds.  For the last two years on council, that has been my approach, and I ask for your support this November.

~Jeremy Nichols, Corcoran City Council

Since being elected in 2020, I have helped Corcoran become more resident focused, more efficient in what it does, and better at standing up to pressure from developers.  

Specifically I have guided the city to:

  • Maintain high standards of public safety through the responsible hiring and training of police officers.

  • Reduce code enforcement against residents for storage requirements.  

  • Support flexibility within city code to allow local businesses to expand and stay in Corcoran.

  • Correct zoning codes to balance high intensity land uses in residential areas.

  • Adopt modern software to automate processes and reduce the need for additional administrative staff, minimizing taxes.

  • Reduce the use of expensive consultants and increase the use of more cost effective staff members, especially in planning and finance.

  • Promote zoning, design and development standards to preserve and create natural environments and open space.

  • Reduce construction hours to increase quiet periods for residents in areas with development.

The Issues At Hand

Our nation’s success is built on the founding principles of freedom, responsibility, and opportunity.  As your City Councilor, I will work toward balancing these key ideas.

Development & The Environment

The Stakes are High

Corcoran’s growth is accelerating and it continues to follow the suburban path of neighboring communities to the east, with small lots and few open, natural areas remaining.  
I have fought to reshape the zoning ordinances to protect Corcoran’s existing woodland, prairie, and open spaces to ensure they are preserved for future generations.  The window to preserve this part of the city is narrow.  Each new development under the current paradigm is a lost opportunity to conserve or create these spaces.  
Other councilors vote to accept whatever is put in front of them, but I will continue to work to preserve the natural parts of Corcoran.

Broadband Access for All

For a Better Future

2020 showed us the importance of access to reasonable broadband speed, but nearly 500 Corcoran residents still don’t have access more than 25MBPS.  Despite opposition from others on council, I continue to push to  prioritize partnerships between Corcoran, the county, the state, and providers to address this critical need. For a low city contribution, funding from state and corporate programs could give all residents access to 1GB speeds as soon as 2023.

School Bus & Children

Early voting starts Friday, September 23rd.  Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th!

Request your absentee ballot here or your polling place here from the MN Secretary of State.

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