A Fresh Perspective for Corcoran

  1. Have a resident first approach to regulations and services.

  • Listen to resident needs and do not overbuild beyond their desires.

  • Allow roads to stay unpaved wherever desired and possible.

  • Update zoning rules to give the city more control over large developments.

2.    Raise standards for service from the city to residents

  • Modernize the city website.

  • Empower city staff to deliver timely and effective communications to residents and businesses.

  • Allow residents to have input on proposed developments prior to their approval with the City Council.

  • Mandate the public disclosure of conflict of interests from all city leadership.

3.    Prioritize public parks and community amenities for Corcoran.

  • Coordinate with local partners to start a tree preservation and planting program within Corcoran to maintain critical forest habitats for wildlife that have been harmed by new developments.

  • Partner with nearby municipalities to integrate Corcoran city trails with regional trails and into other community trails.  

4.  Transparent and effective fiscal responsibility between the city and residents.

  • Ensure that city has the appropriate road infrastructure to support new developments so the cost isn't passed along to the taxpayer.

  • Regular budget report publications that are available to citizens online instead of buried within a bulky City Council agenda packet that is difficult to access.


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