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A Resident First Approach for Corcoran

  1. Have a resident first approach to regulations and services.

​While all stakeholders are important to value, more value belongs with the people who live in and stay with the community for the future, as opposed to developers who will not be part of the life of the city long term.  It is important to listen to resident needs and do not overbuild beyond their desires.  I support updating zoning rules to give the city more control over large developments so it can advocate for resident interests, while also practicing reasonable flexibility to help residents and existing business owners accomplish their goals.  

2. Prioritize public parks and community amenities for Corcoran.

Corcoran has considerable untapped potential that is just starting to manifest.  I support improving city park per public feedback and connecting it to the trail system.  I have been a proud supporter of the Diamond Lake Regional Trail just starting to be laid out that will run through much of Corcoran.  I want to help expand and connect city trail systems to the regional trail system

I also support developing new parks with high quality amenities and equipment as they are created using park dedication funding from development activity, not taxpayer funds.  We are in a short window of time where we can improve and permanently preserve open spaces in a natural state for resident enjoyment, and need to capitalize on this opportunity to maintain habitats for wildlife that have been harmed by new developments.

3. Public Safety   

Corcoran is currently the safest city in Minnesota.  I support the police department's focus on community oriented policing and building strong relationships between officers and the community.  I support investments and use of body cameras because they protect both sides- police from wrongful allegations and the public from unprofessional treatment.  One of the biggest challenges in policing currently is the mental health and community environment for officers.  It is a hard time to be a police officer due to the current environment in the country.  


Corcoran is fortunate to have a capable, professional, community oriented police force, but hiring and retention of this caliber of officer is vital for the continued success of the city's public safety services. Investing funds and attention in officer recruitment, training, and culture is key to maintaining a safe city.

4. Fiscal Responsibility​

Corcoran should continue to reduce the tax rate over time through responsible oversite and efficiency improvements, taking advantage of increases in the tax base only where it is compatible with the vision of the city.  

The city has long term assets for park infrastructure collected over many years that is being erroded by inflation.  We must establish processes and practices to use this perishable funding when it is available to avoid losing buying power over time.

We must ensure adequate safety margins before making major investments, plan ahead and identify funding for long term infrastructure needs long in advance.  As much as possible, we must partner with county, state and federal programs for funding to advocate for our residents.

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