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Meet Jeremy

My name is Jeremy Nichols, and I am a father, husband, and citizen who cares deeply about my community. I have been shaped by my family, spending my childhood working in construction with my dad’s small business in Stillwater.  In learning to work with my hands, I developed a respect for a job well done and a wage well earned.  

I attended the University of Minnesota to obtain my undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering where I learned the values of hard work and applying ingenuity to solving problems we all face together.  Throughout the last 20 years, I have led product development teams at medical device companies within the Twin Cities, earning 9 patents and developing products now being used to produce vaccines and other pharmaceuticals.

I currently work as a Director of Testing Services at a local medical device company, leading teams who make sure the devices and tools used by cardiologists and other clinicians are safe and effective.  I have learned to take the voices and thoughts of all sides on an issue into account, and work creatively to find positive solutions that meet as many of their needs as possible, and I see a need for this approach in our city.

My wife, Sarah, is a music teacher and our two daughters are in elementary school.  We moved to Corcoran because we wanted to be part of a community where you know and trust your neighbors.  We love the rural character and open spaces of Corcoran and it is my goal to preserve and foster this environment for years to come.

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