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Shouldn't your government listen to you?

I am running for Corcoran City Council because I want to be a new voice for the people in government instead of the voice of government at the people. A city councilor is a representative of the people who is tasked with listening first, and then applying ingenuity and creativity to ensure the city provides the best service for its people while doing the least harm. I am running to be your advocate, and your voice and representation in the city government.

It has been clear that the council is often disconnected from the people they represent, and that they often do not ask the questions they should. What has been missing from Corcoran is the attitude that the city should listen to the people- instead, the feeling seems to be that the people should listen to the city- on roads, services, zoning, development, and more. My approach will be the opposite. This is a community of intelligent, independent people who want government to provide efficient service, create fair rules and apply them evenly, and to leave them to live their lives.

This work is often difficult, and thanks are few and far between, and because of that few want to do it. But I have made a life of doing the work that others find difficult, and I hope you will give me the chance to work on your behalf, and make sure the city puts citizens first.

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